Yoga Testimonials

Yoga Testimonials

Laura’s ability to clearly and concisely articulate Anusara’s alignment principles is like receiving an instruction manual for how to properly be and move in this body – by simply following her guidance, my body is becoming lighter and stronger – I’m able to move in ways I never thought possible before. Laura’s classes are fun, uplifting, inspiring. I find during the course of my day, I simply want to go into a handstand for the sheer delight of it! Not only is my body stronger and more at ease, but the overall sense of renewed wonder and joy for life itself that comes through simply applying Ansura’s principles is amazing. Also, Laura inspires a spirit of trust in the classroom; when a teacher is trusted it is easier to open and expand and receive. Because of Laura’s willingness to share herself so fully, and the richness of her integrity, trust grows. I recall the class in which s she shared about her father’s death. Laura’s ability to be so honest and vulnerable created a quality of intimacy and richness in the room that was tangible, uniting all of us in the room. I am so grateful to Laura for creating a safe place to grow and laugh and be however we are in the given moment. What a great ride! And knowing that there is always more, that there is no end to how much the heart and body can open, keeps me coming back week after week to experience these teachings. Thank you, Laura, for bringing to New Orleans the gift of yourself and bringing John Friend’s teachings to us! At the age of 56 my life is renewed thanks to you!

– Cheryl –

“Laura Flora is a highly skilled and generous teacher.”

– Nicola –

Laura has inspired me to deepen my practice on and off the mat, changing my perspective and helping me to truly open to grace. Her studentship and humility are evident in every encounter. She is constantly learning and refining her practice and, through that, her teaching. I am blessed to have her as a teacher and friend.

– Aimee –

Laura is an amazing yoga teacher who cares deeply about her students, and who prepares fully and thoughtfully before each class. While her classes are not taught as sessions, she puts in the effort to weave the philosophical and physical practice week to week, to create a continuous study of the practice. Laura possesses the wonderful ability to share the teachings of this sometimes complicated tradition in very profound yet simple ways – that are very real and relevant to my life. Laura is passionate not only about the physical practice, but more importantly, the philosophical premise behind the reasons why we practice yoga. Laura continually guides me to make better choices in my life, allowing me to live more skillfully off the mat. She has an almost psychic ability to tell me exactly what it is that I need to hear, at exactly the time that I need to hear it. I continue to go to her classes not just for what I can learn to do with my physical body, but more importantly, how to learn to be a better person. I am very grateful to her for sharing her gift with all of us.

– Marisa–